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Collaborative investigations

From the fast paced streets of Los Angeles, to the dark and seedy back alleys of every crime-ridden city across America, through the meandering and forgotten byways of small towns and winding country roads, it is there. There you will find Fedora, investigating cold cases and true ‘whodunits’. If you’re into true crime, join Fedora and experience the mystery, as we uncover new facts, details, and clues. What are we dealing with: a dark mystery, an enigmatic riddle, a startling cliffhanger? Find out… listen to the experts and cops analyze the crime scene and details of the case. What do they believe happened and what did they see as the investigation was unfolding. Fedora leads you, or follows you as the case may be, down that course, that roaming, winding, immersive pathway.

Fedora, a small media company based in West Hollywood seeking out intriguing stories that grab your attention from the ‘opening scene’ until ‘it’s a wrap’.

fedora: storytellers… on a mission

A fresh set of eyes

We want to know the story, the whole story, and nothing but the story.  We bring experts together and combine their analyses and insights with details and commentary from law enforcement officials and others who’ve been closest to the case. A renewed sense of public interest based upon a uniquely innovative, collaborative approach emerges. Who knows? Our sojourn may uncover anonymous voices, whispering along the way, revealing bizarre facts, strange coincidences, or remarkable phenomena. Could they unlock a mystery? Is the sum of all greater than its individual parts? Is there truly power in numbers? With fresh eyes, we shall see, for we possess no others, none other than these.

Podcast, web, film

It’s simple really. If we whisper in your ears, we may just be passing by. Lend us your sight, we may just before your eyes. Drift off to sleep, you may hear us just outside. Always before, sometimes behind. Wherever you may be, we may be lost inside your mind. For the fear or the fright or whoever pay no mind. For the sadness or the sorrow, the tears or healing scars, reminiscing every season…counting falling stars. For the huntress or the prey, we are all just here to rhyme, so come then, won’t you come, to this… our pantomime?

We’re tracking and we’re tracing through the valleys and the woods. The Loblolly Pine, the Red Maple, the tall, Green Basswood.

Tell me, if you can, what we’re looking for.

Start with just a mystery on some forgotten shore. Alone and unafraid, have you been here before?

It’s quiet. It’s hard to hear. Is it far? Is it near? I hardly feel like strangers standing right here…as I watch you from the pier.

Fedora wants you. The media tells the story, but you’re the central part. Recite the lines you know, you know them all by heart. We all missed the audition, but is acting really art?

Are you floating on the sea while this craft is tossed about? Are you raising up your hand, but then take pause to doubt? Do you grasp at the taffrail, yearning for the bow, or stand before the mirror casting demons out?

“I will play the part” she grinned, then took a solemn vow “I wonder what he’d think” she thought, “if he could see me now?”

“If justice is really woman,” now she laughed “who now is holier than thou?”

“After all,  if you don’t like action and excitement,  you don’t go into detective work.  What the hell,  I figured,  nobody lives forever”

– Eliot Ness (busted Al Capone)